About Us

Anklados was born with the desire to answer a well-recognized and growing need in Venezuela: maritime bracelets. Indeed, the fashion world in our country has been in great evolution in the last 10 years, notably on fashion accessories. Sensing this need, Anklados decided to focus on the maritime aspect to complete your outfit and innovate with a different concept of nautical accessories.

First, the name “Anklados” comes from a fusion of two factors:
Of course, the anchors (“Anclas” in Spanish) and the word-game that means “Anchored”, and to represent this with an accessory that symbolizes love and friendship for users.

Over time, Anklados was diversifying its range to offer other products, such as hooks, hammers and axes, and finally develop gradually their products to other styles (watches, beads bracelets, necklaces, rings, and more to come !)

Our parts are made of Zamak, a fusion of Zinc, Aluminum, Magnesium and copper (Kupfer in German). All parts are chromed. We clearly indicate that any piece is made of gold, silver or copper. Only the chains are bathed in 18k gold.

Nautical ropes are 100% made of nylon, and the leather is almost perfectly the same quality of genuine Italian leather.

We have 32 pieces (anchors, hooks, hammers and axes) of 4 chrome (Gold, Silver, Copper, and Black or lead), 12 colors of ropes and 4 colors of leather.

We work every day and invest capital in improving what we offer, to find the optimum satisfaction of our customers. We have proved with one year of experience, complacency of them, since many bought repeatedly, and continue to buy our products.

We invite you to visit our website, and thus can find products that you love for yourself, your partner, family member or friend, and they may be ANKLADOS!

We have more than 470 combinations of bracelets and products on our website, so we hope you stay with one Anklados!

Happy shopping!